Hi, I’m PK. I’m married to a wonderful guy, BP, and we have a beautiful 6 year old son, DS – a funny, quirky, loving, inquisitive kiddo, who is the light of our lives.  DS is also Autistic, diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 4, with an added Sensory Seeking diagnosis at the age of 5.

Being a parent of a kid on the spectrum is in many ways just like parenting an NT (neuro-typical) kid, but in many ways it’s VASTLY different. Parental worries and fears are magnified because the way our NT brains work is not the same as how our child’s brain works. The puzzles we try to solve as parents multiply as a result.

It’s an amazing experience: to see the world from a different perspective, to be forced to look at things that we NT’s take for granted – because we can’t do that anymore, to look at behaviors/beliefs/traditions/expectations where “because that’s how it’s been done” was the norm and ask “is that really a reason to keep doing it?”. It’s tough sometimes, but oh so rewarding!

I would like to thank Jess for the inspiration her blog “A Diary of a Mom” has given me, for opening my eyes to a world of Autism Acceptance that may have taken longer to understand and embrace if I had not come upon her journey,  and to those bloggers she has linked to who share their experiences with and on the Spectrum as well. Thank you to Jess at DOAM for permission to link to her posts – she’s just “blogging” awesome!

*To understand why I refer to my son as Autistic, instead of “with Autism”, please click here.


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