We Have a Match!

Such a personal connection to advocacy – pass it on!

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

I’m not sure how many have heard of an awesome program called IRun4, but if you haven’t go check it out! It started with a man, who was a runner, meeting a special guy who couldn’t run, and beginning to dedicate his races to him. It grew from there, and now includes all disabilities. The athletes cheer on their buddies in their accomplishments and the buddies are their “coaches!” I heard of the program through a friend on Facebook, but for a long time was hesitant to sign E up…after all he can run now, and probably wouldn’t show any interest at all. However, they currently have over 2000 athletes enthusiastically waiting on that special person to dedicate their workouts and races to, so I decided to jump in!

I signed E up on Tues morn and Wed morning we had a match! We got paired up with an…

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what is it like?

“…that thing, that 99% of the population seems to take so completely for granted, is the most wondrous and joyful thing in the world. ” Chavisory

a diary of a mom

Driving on Sunday …

Me: Ooh, that’s a pretty color, isn’t it Brooke?

Brooke: Yellow!

Me: Hmm, that’s funny, I thought it was kind of orange.

Brooke: It’s yellow!

Me: You know what? We had different perceptions of it. Do you know what that means?

Her: What?

Me: It means that we’re looking at the same thing but we each see it in our own way. Your perception of it is that it’s yellow and mine is that it’s orange. So we have different perceptions. I think that’s kind of cool, do you?

Brooke: Uh huh.

The other day, my friend, Kate sent me this beautiful post that she’d written about the intersection of authenticity, vulnerability, connection and autism. When I told her how much I loved it, she responded with a question.

Can you tell me what it is like and how it is like when NTs connect? How is…

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