Not quite “normal” – accepting the diagnosis

My son was evaluated when he was a little over 4 years old, after a few references from his daycare about something being a little “different” with him. DS falls into what many would call the “quirky” part of the spectrum. At home, he wasn’t symptomatic in a way that we recognized. Continue reading

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through

I apologize for posting blog posts that “aren’t me” – rather, they aren’t WRITTEN by me, but they ARE me.

These words are from someone who has “been there/done that”, and her experience rang so true, that I had to share them, because I could have written them myself (but she got there first) 😉

Thank you to the writer of this piece, Christa Dahlstrom at

The Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues, Day Eight: Amanda Forest Vivian

The Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues, Day Eight: Amanda Forest Vivian

Blogger at I’m Somewhere Else

A truely amazing post. This is a perspective that every parent of a child with a disiblity needs to read – for their child’s sake, as well as their own, and for the sake of those who are disabled (adults and children) who need the help/support/respect of the non-disabled community.