I’ve been reading posts about labels – they’re bad/limiting, they’re good/helpful/freeing, etc. Personally, I’m on the side of “a label gives you information to make better decisions/explains what’s going on” (like the ones here and here).

But here’s the thing – people who say “don’t label your child, you’ll limit them” are full of crap. Continue reading


Tough Love

I serioulsy love this post. Parenting isn’t easy, special needs or not. It takes work to not be a “because I said so” parent (this answer should only be given maybe 5% of the time). It takes work to TEACH a child how the world works, to help it make sense to them. It’s tough to put someone else’s needs above your own. It’s tough to take time to understand why they’re hurting when they don’t have the language to explain it. THAT is tough love.

Raising Mama

“Tough love,” says the mother as she forces her child to the busy street corner with a sign declaring his sins to the world.

“Tough love,” nods the father as he blasts his daughter’s laptop into pieces and posts the video online.

“Tough love,” applauds the Internet commenters, when a photo of a note goes viral, a note that says “You came home past your curfew, so you can sleep on the porch. You’re lucky I gave you a pillow this time.”

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This has never been a challenge in our lives, but I’ve heard of it, and read the tragic stories in the news. How hard it is to balance safety with self-reliance; understanding that there’s a desire we aren’t aware of or don’t recognize, but that is clear to the person who “wanders”; to not take away anything to ensure safety, but to find safe ways to make more possible.