The Responsibility of Representation

I’ve been wanting to write about the Autism Speaks Op-ed piece written by Suzanne Wright, but finding the words is difficult.  I’m not going to write (much) about how upset I was at her words – others have written very powerful commentaries and have already done it better.

I’m taking a different approach – Responsibility. Continue reading

Not quite “normal” – accepting the diagnosis

My son was evaluated when he was a little over 4 years old, after a few references from his daycare about something being a little “different” with him. DS falls into what many would call the “quirky” part of the spectrum. At home, he wasn’t symptomatic in a way that we recognized. Continue reading

A Toe in the Shallow End (or “Not Autistic Enough”)

This post goes all over the place, but it’s all inter-related.

Having a child on the autism spectrum makes your mommy radar go a little crazy. Add to that having a “helper personality” and it kicks up a notch. Stir in a little desire to compensate (hopefully not OVERcompensate) for my own mother’s narcicism and lack of empathy by making sure it doesn’t happen with me and MY kid adds another lovely layer to mix. Continue reading