how about love?

THIS – “All of these kids and adults who are searching for safe places, just tiny squares of space to be free to be themselves, to do things like sing with their entire beings and to shout with joy when the song is over and to be met with nothing but love when they do.”

a diary of a mom

As a parent, watching your child perform in a chorus, well, it’s kind of like this ..


{image is a photo of Mariah Carey singing with a choir behind her}

Ya know, there’s your kid. And then there are all these other kids who are clearly just there to sing back-up for her.

Don’t get me wrong, the other kids are adorable and fabulous and I know full well that to their families they’re Mariah and my kid is that smiling lady squeezed somewhere between the trumpet and the flute, as it should be, but I know what I see. Well, except the dress. What is that, Mimi? A car wash for your legs? Anyway, moving on.

My girl sang her little heart out the other night. She radiated joy and as she sang the music just exploded out of her in a glorious, kinetic burst of God, life, energy and…

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