The “other” kind of expert

The “other” kind of expert

“From the parenting perspective, I fail to understand how anyone would not benefit from a little ‘insider’ knowledge on what their child might be living.  After all, many of them are living similar things.”

– Who could ask for a better resource than those who HAVE and ARE living as autistic in a neurotypical world – who share their neurology with our children? We neurotypical parents can only guess – autistic adults KNOW.


extraordinary, continued

Different, but OK – more than OK. Beautiful.

a diary of a mom

1:2 Specialized Yoga class – April, 2012

Becky’s Mom, Mary and I are sitting in the lobby waiting for our girls. We’ve struck up a chat with another mom, there with her two children – both on the spectrum. Mary is telling her how before we arrived, Becky was worried that Brooke might not be coming.

“She misses her so much,” she explains. “They used to be in the same class. Every year from preschool up until second grade, they were together.”

“We used to joke that they’d be going to prom together,” I interject.

The other mom laughs.

Mary smiles. “Yup, they were so good together. It was really difficult when Becky went into a different classroom this year. Every day she asked where Brooke was. It broke my heart to see her without her buddy.”

“So this is a huge treat for them,” I say. “We’re thrilled that…

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I emailed. Discrimination – there’s just no excuse for it.

a diary of a mom

A couple of weeks ago, Luau sent me a link to something that he said I needed to see. “Wait though,” he said, “until you’ve got the stomach for it.”

Knowing that I would probably never really have the stomach for it, I dove right in. This is what he had me watch.

Wage Against the Machine

Yes, Samantha Bee said, “Give me a picture of a person whose work would be worth $2 an hour,” and yes, Mr. Schiff responded with, “You know, somebody who might be, maybe somebody who is … uh … ya know, what is the politically correct word … uh … ya know, uh … for, ya know, mentally retarded … what’s the new word?” And yes, he also said that he “believes in the principles that the country was founded on,” and then went on to say, “I’m not going to say that…

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