Dear [random person offering unsolicited advice…]

From Diary of a Mom’s Facebook Page:

Dear [random person offering unsolicited advice on the latest and greatest Miracle Treatment for my special needs child],
I have no doubt that your advice, unsolicited though it may be, is extremely well-intended. So let’s start there. I very, very much appreciate your concern for my child and your desire to make her life better in some way. So thank you, sweet [random person]. I am grateful.
No…w, if you don’t mind, I’d like to offer some unsolicited advice in return. No need to thank me; just consider it my gift to you. Or, really, to the next person upon whom you feel the need to lavish unsolicited advice.
Rather than telling me as you roll your eyes that you CAN’T BELIEVE that I haven’t had my child tested for overwhelming levels of tiddlywinks in her blood because, well, didn’t I hear that it’s been proven beyond any doubt by the doctor who sells anti-tiddlywink potion that tiddlywinks are THE LEADING CAUSE of autism? or telling me with pained urgency that I HAVE to start giving her three servings a day of paste made from the left testicle of Mongolian newt because, well, it worked for your hairdresser’s cousin’s ex-wife’s uncle’s kid and is therefore absolutely going to change my child’s life or telling me that I’d be a FOOL not to look into the underwater finger painting therapy that’s all the rage right now for Autistic kids in New Mexico, take a deep breath and try the following instead.
“Hey, I heard about something that I wanted to share with you. I realize that it may or may not be even remotely applicable to your child or your family, but I found it interesting. Let me know if you’d like me to pass on more information. And by the way, that’s one awesome kid you’ve got there.”
Thank you,[random person offering unsolicited advice on the latest and greatest Miracle Treatment for my special needs child]. I really am grateful that you care so much about my kid.

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