This post is very important for every parent of an autistic child to read, especially parents of non-speaking children. And I wish Autism Speaks would think about this when they put together their fearmongering videos with parents saying they feel like killing themselves and/or thier children IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN.

Into The Woods: Children will Listen (lyrics)

Careful the things you say, Children will listen;

Careful the things you do. Children will see and learn;

Children may not obey, but children will listen;

Children will look to you for which way to turn;

To learn what to be.

Careful before you say “Listen to me”, Children will listen;

Careful the wish you make, Wishes are children;

Careful the path they take, Wishes come true, not free;

Careful the spell you cast, Not just on children;

Sometimes a spell may last, Past what you can see

And turn against you. Careful the tale you tell;

That is the spell. Children will listen.

Emma's Hope Book

In Emma’s RPM session yesterday with B. on the topic of discrimination, Emma wrote, “Autism voices have been silent.” (Emma initially typed “silenct and then she edited that to “silent”.)   B. encouraged her to write more, asking her what she suggested.  Emma wrote, “take time to try and learn from us instead of staring at us like we are garbage.”

When she wrote the word “garbage” I felt sick to my stomach. This, from my twelve-year-old daughter.

I remember when my father would call me into his home office to scold me for my latest infraction.  I remember the shame I felt.  I still remember the tingling feeling of rebellion mixed with self-doubt when I noticed the disapproving stare of a stranger upon seeing my outfit – a crop top and pair of cut-offs that I’d smuggled into my backpack to wear to go shopping with a friend after school…

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