Are you a bully in sheep’s clothing?

Are you a bully in sheep’s clothing?

Not sure how to use trigger warnings – but silencing/othering/condescension are part of the post this is linked to.

As a neurotypical parent of an autistic child, when I read this post the first time, it wore me out. I honestly do not understand the need for NON-autistic people, often autism-parents (like myself) to correct AUTISTIC people regarding how they refer to themselves. It boggles my mind. If autism parents can’t step back and listen/respect OTHER autistic adults, how in the world are they ever going to learn to listen/respect their own children?

Autistic children do not remain stagnant. Autistic children grow up to be autistic adults.  You can’t predict the future of a toddler/pre-schooler, typical or autistic. Who in the world would have predicted that Temple Grandin would have a B.A. (Psychology, Franklin Pierce College), an M.S. (Animal Science, Arizona State University), and a Ph.D. (Animal Science, University of Illinois) when they had met her as a NON-speaking 4 year old?


4 thoughts on “Are you a bully in sheep’s clothing?

  1. What boggles me is that we’re constantly accused of speaking on behalf of non-speaking autistic people who can’t make their own preference known. But… erm… isn’t that exactly what person-first proponents are doing as well? So if speaking on behalf of non-speaking autistics is equally presumptuous, maybe we should at least respect the people who at least share their neurology if not their exact symptoms?

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