daddy love – it’s in the script

An absolutely lovely post, and so much progress made 🙂
My son doesn’t script. He has favorite songs, etc., but he has “typical” verbal communication abilities. If your child DOES script, please read Diary’s posts related to this. Scripting is often communication (from everything I’ve read by parents and autistic adults). Stopping scripting stops a potential avenue for communication – our most desired and NEEDED thing in our relationships.

a diary of a mom

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. – Unknown

Last night, we took Luau out for his birthday. Since I’d been chronicling the day in pictures from the start, I had my phone close at hand. I figured I’d get a snap of the ludicrous 22-ounce steak he’d ordered or something else equally banal. Instead, what I caught was magic.

Back in September, I wrote the following on Diary’s Facebook page.


In the pictures that follow, Luau is scripting with Brooke.

(Ed note: For more on what I mean by scripting, and to read about the evolution of Brooke’s scripts, click HERE. For further reading, click HERE and HERE.)

Every therapist we ever saw told us to discourage Brooke’s scripts. Every IEP that was ever written made their demise a goal. Until  the day that we said No More. Because…

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