Compliance by ThAutcast

This blog post is important for everyone, especially for neurotypicals and neurotypical parents of autistic children (heck, and non-autistic children as well).

Autistic people already know how important it is to NOT make compliance the most important piece of education for autistic children.  “Why?” some of you may ask? The most benign reason is that when compliance is the focus, the individual is at risk of sacrificing who they are for who they think people want them to be. The most dangerous reason is abuse – emotional, physical, sexual. When compliance comes before all else, how can you say “NO!”?

Somehow, we parents of autistic AND neurotypical children need to, through building MUTUAL respect, help our kids discover and become the best possible people they are. Raising compliant children is easy – it’s based on fear, intimidation and superficial thinking. Thoughtful, responsive, investigative, respectful parenting – basically modeling the behaviors we want our children to have – takes a LOT of work, but it’s worth the effort when the result is a strong, healthy, safe, confident child.


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