Just for Fun – Holiday Song Redo “Marcel the Snowman”

This is dedicated to M at Invisible Strings, in honor of this post. Autism Christmas Songs are a must have for the holidays 🙂

MARCEL THE SNOWMAN (to the tune of the Frosty song)

Marcel the Snowman, was a quiet happy soul,

Watching Dr. Who and some French Films too, and he builds things out of coal.

Marcel the Snowman, is autistic, yeah they say.

He was kinda weird, and some people sneered, but he knew he’d find his way.

There must have been some magic in that internet he found,

For when found autistic friends, he began to dance around!

Oh, Marcel, the Snowman, was alive as he could be;

he went his own way, but he laughed and played,

just the same as you and me.

flapety flap, flap, flapety flap, flap – look at Marcel go. flapety flap, flap, flapety flap, flap – over the hills of snow.

Marcel the Snowman, knew the sun was bright that day,

put sunglasses on, grabbed his old friend Shawn, and some Minecraft they did play

Down to the village, to his therapist he went,

Digging here and there, his pain he did share,

sayin’, “help me if you can.”

He found what he was looking for, he’d had it all the time;

and knowing he was not alone, well the feeling was sublime!

For Marcel, the Snowman, was autistic through and through,

But he knows his mind, he’s smart strong and kind, so to haters, well “screw you!” :)

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED the old Rudolph video. BUT, if you watch it – I mean REALLY watch it as an adult. Santa is kind of a jerk…


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