Travel, Friendship and Sensory Overload

Two rebloggs in one day. I know. But this post struck a nerve (pun intended) re. sensory awareness and NT’s being sensitive to it. My son is a seeker, so as far as I can tell, it takes a lot of input to make him overloaded. He stims when we travel by plane (but who wouldn’t!). There are people out there, autistics we know and love, who deal with the pressure of sensory issues CONSTANTLY. If we who do NOT deal with it can understand just a small piece of the strain this causes, we can help the world be a better place – for them AND for us.

Emma's Hope Book

A couple of days ago my friend Ib, of the blog Tiny Grace Notes, whom I was staying with, drove me to the airport.  Ib knows me pretty well and could tell I was nervous, as I have become increasingly as I get older, about getting to the airport, going through security and making my flight, even though we were leaving ample time to do all of that.  Still the combination of nerves due to traveling, my busy work schedule, being away from my family for so long, being tired and going to an unfamiliar airport had me on high alert.

It was snowing a little so we needed to have the window wipers on or Ib wouldn’t be able to see well enough to drive safely.  But the wipers made a scraping noise that I found almost intolerable.  Every time the wipers ran across the window they vibrated…

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