the ends, the means and the cost

The Autism OpEd Piece that SHOULD have been…

Thank you, Jess.

a diary of a mom

To the parents who said that Suzanne Wright’s Op-ed reflected their experience with their children,

I want you to know that I hear you.

I want you to know that I do not paint Autism with just as broad a brush as Mrs. Wright did.

Autism is a spectrum. A spectrum as vast as the entire human experience.

A spectrum upon which there are indeed people who cannot manage the most rudimentary aspects of self-care without significant support.

I do not seek to erase your experience, and more importantly, your child’s experience, from Autism’s narrative, any more than I will stand for my child’s experience being twisted into a narrative that is not hers.

Autism is not unicorns and rainbows.

Not for us, nor anyone I know.

It is a disability.

A disability that can make communication challenging, if not seemingly impossible.

And with no accessible means of expressing…

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