Living, Not Existing

Another voice who speaks to the MANY faces of Autism.

Pucks and Puzzle Pieces

This is not a post that I look forward to writing. When it comes to the controversy in the autism community surrounding Autism Speaks, I have found the best policy for me has been to avoid the shouting.

The sometimes deep divides in the autism community trouble me. And my own beliefs on autism have changed so much over time that I don’t believe drawing a line in the digital sand to stand on a principle I may or may not still hold in a few years makes a ton of sense.

When it comes to Autism Speaks specifically, I have been a quiet supporter. I donate. I have encouraged others to do the same, even as the organization’s viewpoint and methodology started to diverge from my own. I did so because I believed in the mission. I believed in the power of an organization that size to mobilize…

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