Looking doesn’t mean listening

“I don’t get why people don’t seem to understand that my eyes aren’t my ears – they’re grown-ups, shouldn’t they know that? And they don’t seem to get that looking doesn’t mean listening and listening can’t happen while looking because the emotions are too big…”

Brooke’s mind, from the perspective of Brooke’s mom
– A Diary of a Mom

“Get over it”

I have read variations on this theme on several blogs by autistic individuals who deal with sensory issues that impact them in their daily lives. Things such as the feel of metal silverware on the teeth or the sound it makes when scraping on teeth. To cope, they come up with clever solutions to avoid the issue, Continue reading

A Toe in the Shallow End (or “Not Autistic Enough”)

This post goes all over the place, but it’s all inter-related.

Having a child on the autism spectrum makes your mommy radar go a little crazy. Add to that having a “helper personality” and it kicks up a notch. Stir in a little desire to compensate (hopefully not OVERcompensate) for my own mother’s narcicism and lack of empathy by making sure it doesn’t happen with me and MY kid adds another lovely layer to mix. Continue reading

Does It Make You Happy

I recently read a facebook post on A Diary of a Mom’s page that struck a chord with me on multiple levels. It’s a conversation between DOAM’s daughter and her aide about the daughter liking a particular cartoon (that isn’t “age appropriate” for her physical age). Here it is – (emphasis added by me):

“My favorite conversation of the day: Continue reading