the mama gut

A very powerful post about respect: respecting yourself enough to listen to your gut, especially where your child is concerned; respecting your child enough to understand that behavior is communication, and that they have feelings, opinions, needs that need to be acknowledged and acted upon.

a diary of a mom

Editor’s note:

While I use the term “Mama gut” throughout this post, I think it can be much more broadly applied than its specificity implies. We all have that little voice that tells us when something doesn’t feel right. Dads, teachers, grandmas, doctors, therapists, children — we all have it.

And if it weren’t for those who listened to and acted upon their own internal voices throughout history, we’d still be warehousing human beings at the first sign of difference and using aversive therapies as a matter of course.

No matter who you are or what role you may currently occupy, your gut matters.

Thank you for reading.



I was trying to remember this morning whether it was in preschool or early elementary that Brooke’s OT first came to us, asking us to sign off on using a weighted vest for her during the day.

It doesn’t really…

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