Out of the mouths of kids :)

So mommy completely forgot about the “to keep your child on track over the summer” kindergarten “homework” folder until – seriously – the NIGHT BEFORE the first day of school.  AAARRGH!  OK – let’s make sure DS grasps the concepts… reading, fine; math, fine; word problems, hmmm – let’s check.

Mom reads “I am an animal, I have four legs and a tail, I chew on bones. What am I?”

Waits for answer – is expecting DOG …(obviously).

DS answers, “Tasmanian Devil”  (obviously). DS has been watching WildKratts throughout the summer, and specific mention has been made of their bone-eating abilities – CRUNCH!

Note to self – and quick note to teacher – listen to DS’s answers. If the question is too vague, the answer might be CORRECT, even if it’s not the “right” one (i.e. the one you were expecting).

Just because something is “obvious” to one person, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to all. Wow 🙂


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